how we work

Our Process


Initial Contact

The first step is to understand your needs better

We strive to get as much information as we can either about your product needs or your company in order to determine if we are a good fit. This includes things like:

  • Industries served.
  • Regulatory requirements.
  • Current product line.


Product Design

From Concept to Prototype

Once we have determined Steelcraft to be a good fit for your new or existing product line, we will work closely with your design team to come up with a concept drawing. Our design team will ensure that the product meets the requirements for infection prevention and cleaning requirements of the target market area. Any areas of concern we have will be relayed in order to ensure issues are minimized in order to save cost in design changes later in the process. The final drawing will then be created as a prototype for your testing purposes.



Finalizing the prototype and put controls in place for production

This process includes:

  • Establishing order quantities
  • Estimating annual usage needs
  • Standard lead times

Other information will be exchanged in order to ensure timely processing of purchase orders, minimizing production delays, and the delivery expectations adhered to.


Product Launch

Delivery of your first order

The final stage of the process is the successful delivery of the first order and your product being launched into the marketplace! You can begin to reap the benefits of our process and the way we effectively bring medical products to market efficiently and effectively to minimize waste in funds and time, ultimately improving your bottom line!

Steelcraft will cut your time to market and improve your product success rate.

Leave the custom transport system to us while you focus on your technology.
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